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Want a Tummy Tuck? 5 Tips from Dr. Patino

Often in the excitement leading up to a tummy tuck patients fail to prepare for their post-operative routine. A tummy tuck is an invasive procedure that requires an extended recovery period, so getting ready for life post-surgery before your surgery date is always a good idea.Tummy Tuck, The Cosmetic Surgical Center of El Cerrito, Dr. Patino, El Cerrito, CA

  1. Listen to (and actually follow through with) the post-op instructions.

Your surgeon is a medical professional and will have specific instructions on how to go about your recovery. These instructions are intended to help you get the best results possible while minimizing any unwanted side effects. Dr. Patino knows best, so we encourage you to follow through with all post-operative steps.

  1. Secure a family member or friend to assist around the house while you recover.

After surgery you need to avoid exercise and all strenuous activity. Having someone at home to help with daily chores like cooking, laundry, getting the mail, etc. will guarantee that you don’t engage in any physical activity that will damage your body.

  1. Don’t rush back to work until you’re ready.

Similar to having someone help at home, staying out of work until you’re fully recovered will ensure your body properly heals before getting back to your usual routine. This tip is especially important if your job requires any sort of physical work.

  1. Fill your prescriptions before surgery day.

When you fill your prescriptions before surgery, you make sure that you’ll have everything you need afterward. After surgery the last thing you should be worried about is traveling to the pharmacy to fill a necessary prescription. Alleviate the extra stress on your body and mind by filling all prescriptions well in advance of your surgery day.

  1. Quit smoking during recovery… for good.

You’re required to quit smoking before surgery, but staying away from nicotine after surgery is just as smart. Smoking restricts blood flow, increases pain, and increases the risk of infection. In some cases, the harmful effects of smoking can completely prevent the body from healing. If you want a smooth recovery, abstaining from smoking is highly recommended.

What Next?

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