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Breast Reduction in Oakland, CA

Dr. Gabriel H. Patino offers breast reduction surgery in Oakland, Berkeley, and surrounding areas of California.

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Large breasts cause more than social discomfort. They can limit your clothing options, interfere with certain physical activities, and provide health concerns such as neck, shoulder, and back strain. California cosmetic surgeon Dr. Patino helps women reduce this burden and regain confidence and physical ability through breast reduction surgery.

How Much Does a Breast Reduction Cost in Oakland?

Pricing and financing will vary depending on the individual patient’s needs. We would be happy to discuss all of your pricing and financing options at your initial cosmetic consultation. Please view our patient financing page for further details.

How Is Breast Reduction Surgery Performed?

During this simple procedure, Dr. Patino will need to make incisions around your areola, down the curve of your breast, and in the fold where your breast meets your chest. After the incisions have been made, excess fatty tissue and skin will be removed from around your breasts. Once these have been removed, your nipple will be placed in a higher, more appealing position, and the remaining skin will be brought down and tightened to provide an ideal contour to your breast.

Large breasts often cause the areola to stretch and become enlarged. This excessively large areola is often unappealing on smaller breasts, and as such, Dr. Patino may also reduce the size of your areola during the final part of your procedure.

Many patients opt to have a breast lift performed at the same time as their breast reduction to give the breasts a younger appearance. If you are a male struggling with large breasts, see our male breast reduction page.

Dr. Patino uses Ideal Implant® Structured Breast Implants for procedures that involve breast reduction with breast lift. The implants combine the benefits of saline and silicone implants without the concerns related to silicone gel. The implants are designed with a series of nested shells, as well as two chambers for the saline filling. This innovative design prevents movement of the saline and reduces wrinkling and collapse of the implant.

What Can I Expect After Breast Reduction?

After your breast reduction procedure, you will be fitted with surgical dressing and a drain may be placed underneath your breast. The dressing and drain will need to remain in place for the first few days following your breast reduction surgery.

After the dressing and drains are removed, you will be provided with a special bra to give you additional support and reduce instances of swelling. This bra will need to be worn for the next month to ensure your breasts do not sag.

You will need to avoid strenuous physical activity for the first month after your surgery. This gives your body proper time to heal. We also recommend that you sleep on your back to avoid putting pressure on the incisions.

After the first month, you should be able to resume normal activities. Some scarring may be present but will fade with time.

What Are Some Risks of Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction is a safe, effective way to improve the way your breasts look and reduce physical pain. However, all surgeries come with risks. While rare, risks associated with breast reduction surgery include infection along the incisions, blood clots, excessive bleeding, and allergic reactions to anesthesia. By following Dr. Patino’s recommendations for aftercare, you can greatly reduce some of these risks.

The primary complication with breast reduction surgery is diminished nipple sensitivity. This is rare because, in most cases, your nipple will not need to be removed to perform this surgery. Some swelling and discomfort around the surgical area may require prescription medications during the first few weeks of your recovery. Dr. Patino will listen to your concerns and help you deal with these mild inconveniences during that time.

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Breast Reduction FAQs

While a breast reduction will not help you to "lose weight" or fit into a smaller pant size, you may find that you look thinner following surgery. This is because your breasts will be more proportionate to your body's other natural features. Many patients also find that they are able to buy and wear smaller-sized tops or dresses following surgery.

How many cup sizes you lose during your breast reduction surgery is something you will get to discuss with Dr. Patino during your private consultation. He’ll take into account your natural breasts and your desired cup size, and develop a personalized treatment plan to help you achieve your ultimate aesthetic goals.

It may take up to three to six months to know your new bra size following your breast reduction surgery. This is because your breasts will need time to heal and for all the swelling to go down. That being said, you should have a general idea of the size bra you need to buy once you are fully recovered immediately following surgery with the guidance of Dr. Patino.

While sleeping on your back may not be the most comfortable position for you, it is the best position to sleep in when allowing your breasts to heal from breast reduction surgery. Dr. Patino and his team generally recommend patients sleep on their backs for up to 12 weeks following surgery to ensure the breasts are completely healed.

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