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Hair Restoration in Oakland, CA

Dr. Gabriel H. Patino offers hair restoration treatments to the residents of Oakland, Berkeley, and surrounding areas of California.

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According to the American Society of Cosmetic Surgeons, there are as many as 50 million American men who are bald or have thinning hairlines. If you are one of these 50 million men, you know how it can affect your self-esteem, especially when poll after poll shows that those with hair are more attractive to women. Polls have even shown that employers are more likely to hire a man with hair than his bald competitor. Not only do men struggle with hair loss, there are countless women showing signs of hair loss each day.

Hair transplantation has been around since the 1950s, but the technology, techniques, and knowledge about male pattern baldness have improved by leaps and bounds since then. More hair can be transplanted or restored in a shorter amount of time with better results today.

Oakland-area cosmetic surgeon Dr. Gabriel Patino at the Cosmetic Surgical Center of El Cerrito has been successfully performing hair transplant procedures since 1997.

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At The Cosmetic Surgical Center of El Cerrito, we specialize in surgical and non-surgical cosmetic surgery, skin rejuvenation, and hair restoration to achieve youthful and natural results for the residents of Oakland, Berkeley, and surrounding areas of California. Contact us today for a FREE initial consultation.

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