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Choosing a Cosmetic Surgeon in Oakland, CA

When looking for a cosmetic surgeon in the Berkeley area, your choices may seem limitless. It is important to know what to look for in a cosmetic surgeon before allowing them to perform any procedures on you. The changes you make to your body should enhance your appearance and provide you with a renewed sense of self-confidence, and taking time to choose the right surgeon is the only way to ensure your results will match your goals.

Dr. Patino has years of experience in helping men and women achieve the bodies they have always wanted. His ability to effectively perform a variety of cosmetic surgery procedures is enhanced by his skills as a general surgeon. Dr. Patino is devoted to the overall satisfaction of every patient he sees and will work closely with you to help give you the body you want.

How Much Does Cosmetic Surgery Cost in Oakland?

Pricing for cosmetic surgery will depend on which procedure you choose. At your initial consultation, we will review all of your pricing and financing options. For further information, view our patient financing page.

Which Cosmetic Services Are Offered?

At The Cosmetic Surgical Center of El Cerrito, we offer our patients a complete selection of cosmetic surgery options. No matter which cosmetic imperfection you are interested in correcting, we have a solution that can fit your needs and financing options that can fit your budget.

We offer services to both men and women, with an understanding of the unique cosmetic problems faced by each sex. Dr. Patino takes the time to fully understand your needs, making sure every possible cosmetic option is covered before presenting you with a personalized treatment plan. By taking this extra time to understand the needs and desires of our patients, Dr. Patino is able to help you look and feel your absolute best.

Why Choose Dr. Patino?

Dr. Patino’s first priority is your safety. All procedures under local tumescent anesthesia, known to offer the highest safety. Intravenous anesthesia and general anesthesia are usually used in combination with tumescent anesthesia for the best experience.

Dr. Patino is a loving, kind, gentle, honest man, with the highest moral standards, who will show you that he truly cares about you and will do anything within his capabilities and judgment to fulfill your aesthetic dreams. He is attentive to detail and devoted to his patients. Dr. Patino is 100 percent dedicated to the practice of cosmetic surgery and will attend to you at every step of the process. Dr. Patino does not use patient consultants. He believes that it is extremely important that the surgeon be involved, present, and attentive to you at all times in order to maximize your safety, comfort, and outcome. In addition, your procedure will be performed at our AAAHC fully accredited facility.

At The Cosmetic Surgical Center of El Cerrito, we specialize in surgical and non-surgical cosmetic surgery, skin rejuvenation, and hair restoration to achieve youthful and natural results for the residents of Oakland, Berkeley, and surrounding areas of California. Contact us today for a FREE initial consultation.