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SmartLipo® in Fremont, CA

The Cosmetic Surgery Center of El Cerrito offers SmartLipo® treatments to residents of Fremont, CA.

What Is SmartLipo®?

Do you have a little more fat on your body than you want? If so, then you may be interested in SmartLipo®. SmartLipo® is a less invasive, safer alternative to traditional liposuction. It uses a laser to melt away unwanted fat. SmartLipo® is also great for boosting collagen production and tightening the skin.

The Treatment

Dr. Patino will need to make a small incision in the areas that will be treated. After that, the cannula, or tube, containing the laser will be inserted. The fat will begin to melt as a result of the heat from the laser. The fat is suctioned out with the tube after it has melted.

About The Cosmetic Surgery Center of El Cerrito

The Cosmetic Surgical Center of El Cerrito specializes in performing SmartLipo® and other cosmetic procedures for residents of Fremont, CA. It is the home of Dr. Gabriel H. Patino, a board-certified surgeon who has been practicing medicine since 1981. SmartLipo® is just one of the commonly performed procedures by Dr. Patino. He also specializes in breast surgery, facial cosmetic surgery, hair transplants, and body contouring. For more information on the services offered by The Cosmetic Surgical Center of El Cerrito, call today to schedule a consultation.

In light of the coronavirus we are now offering virtual consultationsTo request a virtual consult, click here