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Kybella® in Oakland, CA

You’ve worked hard with diet and exercise, but you can’t quite get rid of that double chin. You’re not alone. Now, with Kybella®, you can shrink your double chin and get your confidence back. The Cosmetic Surgical Center of El Cerrito offers this and other cosmetic procedures to residents of Oakland, Berkeley and neighboring communities of California.

What is Kybella®?

Kybella® is the first and only injectable to non-surgically improve the appearance of a double chin. It is common for stubborn fat to accumulate below the chin and disrupt the side profile of a patient. With Kybella®, there’s no reason to get neck liposuction to get rid of that unwanted fat. Get rid of the fat with a simple injection.

How Much Does Kybella® Cost?

Because your Kybella® treatment is customized to your body and desired results, the cost of Kybella® will widely vary from patient to patient. Worried about paying for Kybella® all at once? The Cosmetic Surgical Center of El Cerrito offers financing options so you can break up your bill into smaller, more manageable monthly payments that better fit your budget and lifestyle.

How is the Kybella® Treatment Performed?

Kybella® is performed in-office. Our skilled staff of nurse injectors injects the solution into the area that needs to be treated. This process is easy and causes minimal discomfort. The solution will dissolve the fat under the chin, which will naturally exit the body.

What is Recovery after Kybella® Like?

Because Kybella® is a minimally invasive treatment, there is little downtime and recovery after your treatment. It is normal to experience redness, swelling and bruising in the treated areas. This will subside over the next few days. You will be able to resume regular daily activities as usual immediately after your treatment. You will want to avoid rubbing or massaging the area for about a week.

Am I a Good Candidate for Kybella®?

If you are unhappy with the appearance of the fat under your chin and have exhausted options like diet and exercise to get rid of it, Kybella® may be a good option for you. Ideal candidates for Kybella® are in good health and do not smoke. Gaining weight after your treatment will affect your results. You can learn more about your candidacy for Kybella® at your consultation.

Kybella® FAQs

Kybella® itself is a minimally invasive injectable treatment that many of our patients are able to tolerate without any anesthetic. That being said, Dr. Patino and his team are more  than happy to apply a topical anesthetic to your treatment if you wish. Following your Kybella® treatment, you may experience swelling and tenderness underneath the chin. This is  normal and typically subsides within a few days of treatment.

No, Kybella® does not leave loose skin underneath the chin following treatment. This is because the fat elimination process in your treated areas takes a series of weeks to complete.  This slower progression of fat loss under the chin allows time for the skin to heal tight against your new contours without additional treatment.

Yes - once the fat under your chin is eliminated with Kybella®, it is no longer replaced with new fat. This means the results of your Kybella® treatments have the potential to last a  lifetime.

While CoolSculpting® and Kybella® are both non-surgical treatments to reduce the appearance of a double chin, we typically recommend patients consider Kybella® as their treatment method. This is because Kybella® is able to more accurately target stubborn pockets of fat underneath the chin, whereas CoolSculpting® is more of a general treatment for a larger area of the body.

If you would like to learn more information about Kybella® or other treatments offered at The Surgical Center of El Cerrito, contact us to schedule your consultation today. We are happily providing our services to residents of Oakland, Berkeley and the neighboring communities of California.