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Cosmetic Surgery in Fremont, CA

The Cosmetic Surgery Center of El Cerrito is now performing plastic surgery procedures for those residing in Fremont, CA.

What Is Cosmetic Surgery?

Plastic surgery covers a wide variety of procedures that may be performed to enhance or correct the appearance. This can include but is not limited to breast surgery, facial procedures, and body contouring. Many of these surgeries can be performed alone or in combination.

How Is Cosmetic Surgery Performed?

Residents of Fremont, CA, will find that the procedure varies significantly depending on the type of cosmetic surgery involved. Some are performed under general anesthesia while others can be safely and comfortably completed under local anesthesia. Based on the type of surgery, incisions may or may not be required.

About the Cosmetic Surgery Center of El Cerrito

Dr. Patino and the staff at the Cosmetic Surgery Center of El Cerrito are proud to offer their services to the residents of Fremont, CA. We utilize innovative technology that clients have come to rely on to ensure the best possible result. In addition to the range of procedures offered, we also offer convenient payment methods to better serve our clientele.

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