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Financing Cosmetic Surgery in Oakland

Cosmetic surgery is elective, meaning your insurance company will probably not pay for any of the procedures. For many people, this makes the costs of cosmetic surgery a deterrent. However, it is important to remember that it is impossible to place a price tag on positive self-image.

Feeling attractive and remaining confident can have a tremendous impact on both your emotional and physical health. When you are uncomfortable in your skin or limited in physical activities, the end result is often depression and feelings of inadequacy. By taking the time to look and feel your best, you are allowing yourself the freedom to go into the world feeling deserving and attractive, traits that can impact every area of your life.

Dr. Patino understands that many people may use finances as a reason to avoid committing to the cosmetic procedures they want that will improve their quality of life. However, before you completely give up on seriously looking into cosmetic surgery, speak with Dr. Patino or the staff at the Cosmetic Surgery Center of El Cerrito for financing options.

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Payment Methods Include