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"February 2017 Me fue muy vien con el doctor Patino el es muy lindo esta muy atento la recuperation exelente y su personal muy amable chicas yo led Recomiendo vale la pena!  " Cecilia Perez
"February 2017 I want to first thank Dr Patino and the staff for being so wonderful. I had a tummy tuck 13 days and I kid you not, I had no pain and I feel…" Denise J
"December 2016 At the beginning I was very afraid because I have seen other cases of my friends who had surgery by other surgeons that had a lot of pain during the recovery. And it…" Aurora Montejano
"October 2016 He is such beautiful Person and greets you in a very sweet way his staff is very pleasant and friendly too.  " Celina Landaverde
"October 2016 Y so un trabajo maravilloso con mi cuerpo estaba en deprecion despues de mi parto por que no podia recuperar mi cuerpo pero el lo logro lo recomiendo.  " Adriana Torres
"October 2016 Great work and very nice staff. Dr. Patino was personable, put my concerns to ease and did exceptional work for me. Very professional and a really good outcome. I can't thank him and…" Tea Hannon
"September 2016 Dr. Patino and his staff are incredible. Super nice. My laser lipo and fat transfer turned out beautifully and I'd do it again in a minute. Now what else can I get done...?…" Jenelle Abrams
"June 2016 I had Trans umbilical breast implants 3 weeks ago, everything went smoothly. The procedure was super fast, the recovery was amazing. I can't be more happy. No scars, local anesthesia what else can…" Mary Garcia
"June 2016 Yo tube una transferencia de grasa a mis gluteos y me siento muy feliz. Me siento una persona nueva. Yo recomiendo al Dr. Patino porque es un excelente doctor.  " Ana alfaro
"June 2016 Hola mi nombre rocio estuve en el centro cosmetico center del cerrito me hizo la liposuction de mi espalda hoy tengo una semana y media y estoy satisfecha, el doctor Patino es muy…" Rocio Jimenez
"January 2016 Desde que conoci al doctor Patino y su equipo de Trabajo me hicieron sentir muy bien. Me senti muy en confianza. La operacion salio excelente. Me dieron unas pastillas anter de empezar la…" Vivian Ordonez
"January 2016 En este lugar encontre justo lo que necesitaba en aumento de pecho, ya que la operacion fue sorprendente para mi, a menos de una semana yo me encuentro totalmente recuperada sin dolor ni…" Claudia Velasco
"January 2016 I had an abdominoplasty with Dr. Gabriel Patino a week ago and all I have to say are awesome things about him and his staff. Everything went great and I am more than…" Yuni Quintero
"February 2016 Excelencia en todo!! Es lo q encontre, en el Centro de Cirugia Cosmetica del Cerrito, del Dr Gabriel Patino. Tengo la completa satisfaccion del cambio, q queria tener, con el procedimiento q el…" Marina Serrano
"February 2016 Actually my name is Lesly I don't know why Emiliano shows on the post. I had abdominaplasty with Dr. Patino last Friday November 13, I feel great I have not taken any pills…" Lesly Coss
"February 2016 I've had tummy tuck and breast reconstruction. I'm so very please with all of the work that I've had completed with Dr. Patino. His staff is excellent you are in good hands with…" Christina McDonald
"February 2016 Estoy muy contento con la cirugia de mis parpados que me hizo el Doctor Gabriel Patino y voy a volver para que me estire el cuello. No tuve dolor, me trataron todos en…" Jose Ramirez
"I had a surgery on March 23, 2015 and I'm very happy with the results even though I was a little nervous with the procedure but doctor Patiño made me feel comfortable and secure. He is…" P. Rendon
"I am in love with the new me! Dr. Patino did an amazing job with my surgery. I had no brushing and myrecovering has been great! I highly recommend The Cosmetic Surgical Center of El…" D. Dorsey
"The front desk girls are really friendly and very attentive. I had a tummy tuck done Nov 5th 2014. I am twomonths post op and i love it. My kangaroo pouch is finally gone. I…" D. Blanton
"It was a great job done with my nose. I really thought at the beginning that it wasn't going to work but atthe end when I saw the final results I was so happy. I…" G. Campos
"Ive come to Dr.patinos office a few times to get lip augementation procedures and i couldnt be moresatisfied. He makes you feel comfortable and knows exactly what you need. I totally recommend andwould not hesitate…" Y. Gonzalez
"Three weeks after my surgery and I'm very pleased with results! 😉 The girls at the office are very friendly!Thank you Dr. Patiño!" P. Tapiaroman
"I am 100% satisfied. I had laser liposuction to my abdomen and love handles.From the very first moment I came to the first visit, Dr. Patino all the nurses and the personnel make you feel very…" C. Barraza
"I had a mommy make over which consist of a tummy tuck and a breast augmentation which were done by doctor Gabriel Patino at the same time on September 26 2014. I am extremely happy with…" L. Govea
"I had a breast augmentation over a year ago, and I am super happy about the results. The process was easy so was my recovery. Dr. Patino and the staff were very helpful from the start…" M. Buenrostro
"I had a tummy tuck procedure at the cosmetic surgery at EL CERRITO with doctor GABRIEL H. PATIÑO ... I'm very happy with the results. The day of the procedure I was a little nervous,but since…" C.C.
"I'm very pleased with my breast augmentation. When I had my consult with Dr. Patino I was interested in the transumbilical breast implant procedure since there was very little healing time and just a tiny incision via…" A. Smith
"I had a surgery on July 21st with Dr.Patino. During my consultation, I found Dr. Patino to be very thorough, professional, compassionate, and realistic. He answered all my questions, I felt very comfortable, and I knew that…" A. West
"In august 2013 I came to The cosmetic Surgical Center for a consolation for breast augmentation with doctor Gabriel Patino. Dr. Patino with his staff answered all my questions and made me feel at home, because of…" E. Ochoa
"I had a tummy tuck done at the cosmetic surgical center of El Cerrito by Dr.Gabriel Patino. I did not imagine that my experience would be such a breeze. I struck gold when I met Dr…" L.F.
"On June 18, 2014 I had a Breast Augmentation through my Belly Button by Dr.Gabriel Patino. I have no scares and my recovery time was amazing. I was back to work within 7 days of surgery.…" D. Smith
"Dr. Patiño first did a Breast Augmentation through the belly button and I love my results. I have no scars even from the first day of my surgery. Now he just did smarlipo on my flanks…" L. Salinas
"I did a liposuction with doctor Patino on December 2010.  The results are amazing, like a miracle, my body looks so much better now.  I am very, very happy with the job and especially with…" Highly Recommend Dr. Patino!
"Ever since I met this Doctor I felt very comfortable. All my friends have amazing results and they are more than happy. Dr Patino and his staff are very caring and honest with you. I…" Amazing Results!
"Best experience ever!!!!! I had consultations at other companies (who only offered Smartlipo) and they told me I was a great candidate. Dr. Patino was the first doctor to play it straight with me, telling…" Best Experience Ever!
"I decided to go with Dr. Patino partly based on the before/after photos found on his website, but also in large part due to his experience with the TUBA procedure and also in part because…" I Definitely Recommend Him!
"Dr. Patino and his staff were professional and courteous, and my results were amazing! I met with a number of surgeons before choosing Dr. Patino, and I highly recommend him." K. Thompson
"Dr. Patino did a mommy makeover on me 10 days ago and made me a princess. I had a tummy tuck and a breast augmentation through the belly bottom. My breasts are gorgeous. Dr. Patino…" P. Perez
" I had the tummy tuck on Thursday May 18. My experience was Great very little pain, the staff was awesome and very helpful. Dr Patino was Great he explained everything and my surgery came out…" T. Carraway
"I had a tummy tuck by Dr. Gabriel H. Patino six months ago. I am very satisfied with the procedure and I am planning a fat transfer to the buttocks with him. Dr. Patino and…" B. Martinez
"I am very happy with my results. I had a fat transfer to my breasts and smart liposuction to the abdomen and back in June of 2013. I strongly recommend Dr. Patino to anyone looking…" I. Garcia
"Next month will mark 1yr since my transformation... I had a mommy makeover, both lipo and breast augmentation via my belly button... I am the happiest I have ever been and truly recommend Dr. Patino…" V. Cervantes
"In august 2013 I came to The cosmetic Surgical Center for a consolation for breast augmentation with doctor Gabriel Patino. Dr. Patino with his staff answered all my questions and made me feel at home,…" E. Ochoa
"I would recommend Dr. Gabriel Patino at the cosmetic surgical center of El Cerrito. The service is very professional. The staff is very friendly. I had a tummy tuck and breast lift with implants and…" M. Ortiz